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Estate & Trust Administration

Did you know that when a Massachusetts resident dies, an estate tax lien is automatically placed on any property that resident owns within the Commonwealth? Whoever receives that property must make certain that the lien is released by recording the appropriate affidavit or filing the necessary federal and/or state estate tax returns. This is only one of the numerous tasks that a Personal Representative of an Estate or Trustee of a Trust must complete. Our team will guide you through the entire administration process from start to finish, making certain that you properly discharge your fiduciary duties, and the intended beneficiaries receive their gifts without inheriting problems.

Our estate and trust administration services include the following:

  • Massachusetts and Florida Probate Proceedings
  • Trust Administration
  • Assisting with Ancillary probate in Massachusetts and/or Florida
  • Preparation of necessary federal and/or state estate tax returns
  • Preparation of Decedent’s Final State and Federal Income Tax Returns
  • Federal and State Income Tax Preparation for Estates and Trusts

Fiduciary Litigation

Occasionally an unforeseen event occurs that was not considered when a Will or an Irrevocable Trust Agreement was executed. Our team can help the individuals who created the document or their beneficiaries remedy the situation by taking the legal steps necessary to change an otherwise irrevocable document.

Will Compromises & Trust Reformation

The aftermath of the incapacity or death of a loved one can be a very difficult time, which may be compounded by a conflict that arises within the family. If you believe that an estate planning document was procured inappropriately through fraud or undue influence, or you are the beneficiary of an Estate or Trust that you believe has been mismanaged by its fiduciary, you may have a legal remedy. You may find yourself defending a Will or Trust Agreement, or contesting a petition for guardianship or conservatorship. Whatever the circumstances, we will provide you with sound legal advice to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and, if appropriate, assist you with initiating the proper action within the Probate Court.

Guardianships & Conservatorships

Under certain circumstances, it becomes necessary for the Probate Court to appoint a fiduciary to serve as the guardian of the person or the conservator of the assets of a loved one who is a minor or is no longer able to take care of personal affairs. If you have decided to take on the important role of guardian or conservator of another, we can help you through the appointment and administrative process, including the preparation of probate accounts and other filings mandated by the Uniform Probate Code.

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